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Posted 2016-06-13 13:13:43 by tala

Okay, I do not know who all reads this, but I am hoping, and praying that Dellu will start up again. We have another coder and he is willing to give this a shot and HOPEFULLY get us opened! 

Silveryfire is an old friend of mine and we work really well together! I will be setting up a newsletter for Dellu, if you would like be added, please send a message to ladytala@gmail.com

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Posted 2014-02-25 10:46:24 by cheshire

Ok, everyone. This post is more for the staff than anything. 
We've got a coder doing mad work on some very important aspects of the site. However, for  site to function, there is a necessity of other things- art, writing, etc. So this is an all-call for all Dellusionarians. I want to see people in irc, I want to see messages in my inbox, I want to see some sort of activity from those who are meant to be active. 

A few things that need attention are:
ToS- this needs completely reformed before we can even think of reopening.

HA- The male needs reshaded and clothing needs to be sorted, colored and created for both male and female. We have a decent amount of female items, but the male is looking a little naked.

Pets- we either a remake on the pets, or colorations for the pets we have. I now have a kickass computer and the latest version of adobe so complete remake isnt necessary anymore. 

Items- Our scout needs things for our players to find! I'm looking for items of all sorts.

I will be posting a list of specific things Im looking for in the forums, please take note- I will comment on this news post with a link. 

And, lastly, this is your final warning. If you have not contacted myself or Tala either via Aywas, irc, messaging here or some other form of communication (even if its an 'im here' post in the forums) then you will be removed from the site accessible list and your ID will be recycled. 

If you're unaware on how to contact me, my information is as follows:
Dellu ID: #11
Aywas ID: #407
E-mail: shollis9906@gmail.com

If none of these attempts work, then I've died. Seriously. ;)

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